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Tips for Ensuring Data Center Security

One of the toughest tasks that many infrastructure providers face is how to secure their data centre. Often, in the rush to meet client needs in terms of the performance of the data centre, security will likely take a backseat. The advent of cloud computing along with the rich online applications, virtualization and the myriad of service-oriented architectures, the operations at the data centres have become more dynamic and there are fluid boundaries that operators or owners consistently need to meet.

With the transition towards a new computing environment in this decade, there are several layers of complexity that facility managers grapple with and this can have huge implications for the security of these facilities. Components of the facilities should be secured in order to protect the facility from malicious attacks or even possible compromise.

Thanks to stiff competition and this new dynamic data centre environment, organizations are increasingly looking for ways of securing transactions and that will mean securing all the components ranging from the network to the applications and even the storage amongst many others.

There is need for the organizations in data centre business to monitor all operations in the data centre and ensure they have a degree of reliability.  Every element of the centre should be 100% secure. That means that every layer of security in the facility should be well secured. There are security best practices that these facilities can also implement in order to cover all areas of data security. Here are some important security tips which are a must-have in any data facility in order to guarantee maximum security and reliability.

Ensure Robust Physical Data Security

This is generally the first line of defense when it comes ensuring security at your facility. There should be an ideal site or location, video surveillance, biometric security, fenced off campus, guard to escort visitors, keycard admittance and security policy that is enforced at all times.

Identify the Quick Address Security Systems

System failures will lead to certain vulnerabilities in the facility. It is important to develop a mechanism for addressing these failures. The facility managers can monitor their servers and issue timely alerts when failures in the service and infrastructure are imminent.

Embed Security in the Entire Infrastructure

When planning your security, ensure all the components of the facility with security implications have been well secured. Secure features should be built into the datacenter at every phase.

Establish Secure Zones

Once the physical security is in place, you must now focus your attention to the network security. One way of doing this is by creating security zones in the network infrastructure.

Find and Close the Open Ports in the Facility

Every organization in the data center business generally has some unknown open ports which can pose serious security risk to any organization. Managers should find these ports and close them manually. The most efficient way to do this is by installing a management tool that you can effectively run in order to generate security reports so that you can take the desired action.

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